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In these times in which we are so removed from our essence, bewildered by the hectic pace of this materialistic and individualistic society, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit. The overdose of information and stimuli to which we are subjected everyday prevents us from finding answers to our questions, simply by keeping us from asking ourselves those questions.

Amid this endless ocean of options, and always blending into the background, we find the Crop Circles phenomenon.

It is not our intention to speculate about the origin and meaning of Crop Circles. They are beautiful creations regardless of who or what creates them, and their complex geometry and profound balance are invaluable tools with which we can work in diverse ways:

  • Outwards: Knowing the true magnitude of the Crop Circles phenomenon inevitably leads us to ask ourselves big questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? As our ancestors, we keep looking for the answers in the stars.
  • Inwards: Balance, graceful construction and harmony are a constant in Crop Circles. We can use these qualities to our benefit, employing them as a firm anchor to our inner being, keeping us balanced and in harmony with ourselves.

I firmly believe that there is great knowledge hidden in the Circles, waiting to be deciphered, and this conviction has pushed me to devote 2 years of my life to the reconstruction, one by one, of the “almost” 3500 designs that have appeared since 1990, resulting in this archive that I now bring you hoping that it will be as useful to you as it has been to me.

Only a few circles have been excluded, mainly because of the poor quality of the original formation.

All designs, from first to last, have been meticulously reconstructed following a careful geometric process, always seeking the highest possible accuracy.

Still, and to save you time searching through hundreds and hundreds of basic, “plain”, unaesthetic, or repetitive designs, I have selected “only” the top 1000 Crop Circles for the main gallery. The best known, the most complex, the most harmonious, the most beautiful. All of them are or will be here. And if it is not ... just ask us and we will include it!


I always had two great passions: labyrinths and mysteries.

After many turns in life, in 2014 I achieved my dream of becoming a professional maze designer when I started working with the world´s best maze designer, Adrian Fisher. This job taught me many things and gave me many professional joys, including the 2016’s Guinness record for the world’s largest hedge maze, in China, or two mazes inside The Jewel, the amazing new terminal of the world's best airport, in Singapore.

Collaterally, I discovered a new passion: Geometry

In 2019, after a breakup and a prolonged period of little work, I found the time to start a project that had been playing around my head for several years: the compilation in vector format of all the Crop Circle designs appeared to date. I had looked for it online, but could not find it, so I decided that, if I wanted that collection of images, I would have to create it myself.

Ignoring what was coming at me, I began to document myself and to draw.

When sometime later I lost my job due to the crisis in the industry, Crop Circles were still there.

When the pandemic and lockdown arrived, Crop Circles were still there.

Two years and 3422 drawings after the first circle, I finished the last one (until 2020). 

At first, these wonderful designs led me to ask myself many questions, but gradually they began to give me many answers, as well. Deep and beautiful answers that have undoubtedly helped me in a challenging time in my life, enriching me as a human being. That is why I want to share this wonderful opportunity with everyone willing to grab it.

Crop Circles are a gift to humankind, and that is why my desire is to make them available to as many people as possible. Perhaps, between all of us, one day we will be able to understand and benefit from the information hidden in Crop Circles.

At the individual level, I would like that everyone could look at the world through this new window, ask their own questions, and reach their own conclusions.


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