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Thank you for all your hard work, your deep understanding, and willingness to share. You have done some amazing work, more than most people can understand with everything behind the images. Peace-

Wow, what a labour of love, thank you for all the hard work, so brilliant to see them altogether and to realise how many there have been.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to humanity. Many blessings.

Incredible. You can see the messages of the one being, dualities, polarities, dimensions and connections.

Astounding artwork here! The best Crop Circle catalogue out there, nothing compares!

Wow! This is so awesome! Thank you for your work and for sharing it with the world! I believe we should be having townhall meetings about the crop circles. Maybe this will help people figure out this great mystery!

So many symbols to recognize. Harmonic balance to enjoy. Each fits with so much meaning.

Beautiful, thought-provoking, and inspiring...

Omg...I think they are amazing. So do you have any idea, what any of it means? I´ve been intrigued by crop circles. I don´t believe in gods or religions, but I believe in Crop Circles.

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